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Graduating high schoolers seeking academic success in Los Angeles, CA.

Individual College Guidance in Los Angeles, CA

Finding the right place for you to spend your college career may sound daunting, but we are here to give you the clarity and support you need. At College Steps Consulting, we provide personalized educational and college guidance in Los Angeles, CA. Our goal is to help students successfully identify their "best fit” college or university, and then see that they take the necessary steps to secure their enrollment.

Our college counseling assists students with making informed decisions and remaining mindful of their performance throughout high school. We offer detailed, step-by-step plans that help students set obtainable goals and stay on track to achieve academic success. With our comprehensive college preparation assistance, students have an easier time balancing ongoing academic demands with the stress of selecting the right college or university.

Professional Guidance for Brighter Futures

What does success mean to you? This is a broad question, and each student will have a different answer. Part of the college experience is about developing one’s personal response to that question. For us, success means helping students seize the opportunity to have that very college experience in the first place. We apply effective strategies that allow students to place themselves in more optimal positions when it’s time to submit their applications. 

As the college admissions process becomes increasingly competitive, it helps to have an extra advantage. That advantage is precisely what our experienced professionals are here to provide. We are a team of dedicated counselors that wants students to gain admission to the school that suits their personalities, aptitudes, skills, and interests. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for personalized educational consulting.

Services That Lead to Academic Success

Services We Offer Include:

  • A personalized account for both students and parents with GuidedPath, online college management and research system that keeps students organized and informed throughout the college exploration and application process.
  • Review of freshman and sophomore year accomplishments, classes and grades.
  • Being able to provide advice on course selections for the junior and senior year.
    Information and academic preparation counseling regarding summer programs.
  • Recommendations for extracurricular involvement and leadership activities.
    Testing recommendations (SAT, ACT, AP, SAT Subject Tests, IB).
  • Referral to pre-screened tutors as needed.
  • Review of athletic or artistic accomplishment and discussion of strategies to attract the interest of colleges.
  • Develop a “best fit” list of colleges to consider based on intensive studies with the student and the family through our academic guidance services.
    Explore majors and careers in depth.
  • Research on individual colleges and ideal programs from the college list.
  • College visit and travel planning.
  • Ensure that a student is registered on all the necessary college sites.
College student seeking professional college guidance in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Keep student organized and minimize stress by providing a step-by-step college plan.
  • Develop and draft essay and supplemental questions for the UC, other universities, and the standard application.
  • Finalize the student's resume for interviews.
  • Finalize the activities statement for college application purposes.
  • The advice on selecting and drafting academic preparation materials to provide.
  • Brainstorm positioning and application strategy.
  • Discuss financial aid options with the family including scholarships.
  • Help student understands waitlist options.
  • Help student determines “best fit” school for a student from all acceptances.
  • Help ease the transition from high school to college.

Other Services Available

  • Essay Only Packages.
  • UC and Cal State Application Only Packages

We help you narrow your options so you can make the best possible decisions and we provide college consulting guidance to help you prepare for your freshman year.

Contact us to request personalized college guidance. We proudly offer in-person counseling in Los Angeles, California, and virtual counseling to students worldwide.