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International Academic Guidance in Los Angeles, CA

If you are thinking about studying in the US, College Step Counseling can help you. Our consultants have extensive experience providing international academic guidance in Los Angeles, CA, to international students throughout the entire college admission process.

Our academic consultants understand the challenges foreign students face as well as the opportunities available to them.

In addition to our personal, step-by-step approach, we provide international students with the necessary tools to make the admission process successful; this includes informing our students about necessary visa documentation (F-1 visa, I-20); academic transcript requirements; certification and finance forms; English language proficiency exams requirements (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE); and resources for international financial aid.

College Step Consulting provides virtual and international college preparation counseling for students all over the world and uses an interactive online college management system that keeps students organized and informed throughout the college application process and helps narrows the geographical distance between our academic consultants and our students abroad.